Dave Chappelle’s Baboon Story Is A Mind-Blowing Analogy Of Why He Left Show Business

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Dave Chappelle is back. His stand-up comedy specials on Netflix are killing it. Dave’s making money faster than he can spend it…and he’s happy. A clip from an interview on CBS This Morning went viral yesterday and has since been viewed well over a half a million times. In this segment, Dave Chappelle uses the story of a bushman and a baboon as the analogy for why he walked away from show biz. For reference, the actual baboon video that Chappelle was talking about is below.

When Dave Chappelle infamously walked away from a $50 million dollar Comedy Central contract back in 2005 and took a trip to South Africa rumors swirled that it was drugs. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t drugs that drove Dave Chappelle away from show business, but you already know that, don’t you?

Mr. Chappelle took stock of his life. He recognized that everyone around him was there for a reason, and the reason wasn’t friendship or loyalty. Dave saw that he was being used by Hollywood in a way he didn’t like so he made a clean cut and took years off.

Here’s that actual baboon video Chappelle was referring to:

I saw Dave Chappelle do stand up a couple of months ago here in Sarasota, Florida and he was just as funny then as he was years ago on Chappelle’s Show. His jokes are certainly more mature now, but that also didn’t stop him from making blowjob jokes about some annoying chick in the front row who kept saying ‘Do Rick James!!’ who got so pissed off from Dave’s dong sucking jokes she got herself kicked out by trying to rush the stage. He’s also jacked as hell these days and methinks there might be some Vitamin-S involved if you get my drift.

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