Dave Chappelle Threw Major Shade At ‘Key & Peele’ During His Performance At The Roots Picnic Festival


Dave Chappelle has no chill when it comes to Comedy Central’s breakout success of Key & Peele. Yesterday Chappelle showed up at Roots Picnic in New York City to drop jokes between musical performances. One of the more noteworthy zingers, however, was a bitter comment aimed at Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele for bringing their brand of sketch comedy to Comedy Central, where Chappelle cut his teeth in the genre with The Chappelle Show back in the early Aughts.

U mad, Bro? Sour grapes, Dave. Maybe… JUST MAYBE… You shouldn’t have walked away from such a hugely successful show back in 2004, leaving a wide open lane for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to work their magic. There’s no doubt they’d say Dave was a huge influence on their respective careers, so it’s a little bit of a buzzkill to see such an icon try to peg them down a few notches.


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