Actor Who Plays Davos Seaworth On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Left A Hot Dookie On A God-Awful Theory Fans Won’t STFU About

We’ve told you about THAT Sansa Stark theory – the one where she’s supposedly pregnant with Ramsay Bolton’s child? You can click HERE to get the full explanation of why people think it’s a possibility, but I think I did a fair job of explaining why this theory was fucking stupid which you can read below:

Sansa has been through hell and back; she’s watched her father get beheaded, she’s been forcibly married to Tyrion, tortured by Joffrey and emotionally abused by her aunt Lysa. There is no way in hell that George R.R. Martin or David Benioff or D.B. Weiss thought to themselves “Hey, you know what would be great for Sansa’s character arc? If we keep pummeling her into the ground and never let her have a single win…and then she dies.”

“Brilliant!” cries Martin from behind a desk where he does not spend time writing anything at all, “And then we can show her boobs. Because she’s dead.”

“And then a direwolf eats her face and shits it out on Jon Snow’s head.”


My sound and clear logic, however, hasn’t stopped idiots from believing in the theory regardless:

If you think this theory is as stupid as I do, you’ll be happy to know that Liam Cunningham, the actor who plays Davos Seaworth on Game of Thrones, has finally put the whole stupid thing to rest. Referencing the whole “I’m a part of you now” portion of last week’s episode where Sansa fed Ramsay to his hounds:

He told Huffington Post: ‘Unless he’s got one of those Game of Thrones pregnancy sticks, he’s [Ramsay] not gonna know [that Sansa is pregnant].’

…Liam said: ‘I think he’s saying he’s put himself into her head. That’s what I took from it. She’s never gonna get rid of him because of what he’s done to her.’(via)

You can watch the whole scene below, and then point and laugh at all the fools who read into it too literally and have some bizarre fetish with watching Sansa get her ass handed to her repeatedly:

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