Man On ‘The Deadliest Catch’ Has A Scary Medical Problem That Makes His One Testicle HUGE

It’s just understood that the Deadliest Catch fishermen who go crab fishing in the Bering Sea have big balls. But what happens when having big balls is *actually* a huge medical emergency?

Bumper Del Mar, one of the Deadliest Catch Cast members on the Cornelia Marie, ran into exactly this problem. His testicle became massively inflamed when a hernia caused his small intestine to droop down into his scrotum. Apparently the hernia came from the strain of working on deck the Cornelia Marie, pushing around those heavy crab pots.

Our friends at the Discovery Channel sent us a clip of Bumper showing the crew the enlarged testicle. It really is ‘The Deadliest Crotch’ — They are all amazed, terrified, and concerned, prompting the crew to turn the boat around to get him to a doctor.

The facial expressions from the crew are priceless:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.48.36 PM

Catch the new episode of The Deadliest Catch tonight at 9PM ET on the Discovery Channel.