‘Deadpool’ Got A Viagra-Style Commercial For It’s Blu-Ray/DVD Release And It’s Just About Perfect

The commercial for Deadpool‘s DVD/Blu-Ray release just hit the world wide web and it’s staying true to the raunchy brand of humor we’ve come to expect from Marvel’s latest superhero franchise. For their DVD/Blu-Ray release commercial the Deadpool writers went with a Viagra/Cialis style approach, using the TV commercial format we’ve come to expect from erectile dysfunction drugs. That they nailed it once again, and I find myself wanting to think that Deadpool was overrated but it really, really wasn’t. That movie was funny as shit and held up to the hype.

I think what’s impressed me the most about Deadpool is how everyone’s constantly talking about how funny it is, which turns me into a skeptic, but at every turn the movie’s comedic chops hold up. It was funny as shit in the theaters even after a billion Deadpool teasers were released, and they’ve somehow managed to keep the jokes rolling into the commercial for the DVD/Blu-Ray release. Seriously, when is the last time anyone gave a flying fuck about a DVD/Blu-Ray release commercial?

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