‘Deadpool’ Went Beast Mode This Weekend And Shattered Superhero Movie Box Office Records

‘Deadpool’ absolutely wrecked box office records and expectations when it grossed a steaming, victory-coated $135 million over the three day Valentine’s Day weekend, and managed to strike the biggest opening of all time in Russia at a sweet $12.4 million. The number-crunching cinephiles of the world were tossing out guesses that ‘Deadpool’ might rake in somewhere between $65 and $75 million, so this news is on par with that scene in Entourage when Vinny Chase is on the roof chuggin’ brewskis and goes on to learn ‘Aquaman’ surpassed ‘Spiderman’ in ticket sales. It’s that epic.

It’s a damn travesty it took Ryan Reynolds near 10 years to sell movie studio execs on the idea for the film. I guess the dudes had their heads so far up their own asses they couldn’t smell the inevitable tide of Benjamins that would (and did..) so obviously accompany this kind of vulgar, badass, heavy on the nudity superhero film masterpiece.

‘Deadpool’ took home a report card of Straight A’s from the various and esteemed movie critics after this weekend as well. Cinemascore gave the film an A–from all age groups–and 92% said they’d recommend the ‘Deadpool’ movie to a friend, while 76% checked the flick off as excellent, which puts it in the same, dominant pack as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

I gotta say, the film’s obviously well done and everything, but the ingenious marketing campaign spearheaded by Reynolds these last few months especially, likely played a crucial role in galvanizing folks worldwide and encouraging everyone to throw down the expectantly unreasonable price for a goddamn movie ticket these days. Don’t even get me started on that tub of buttered down popcorn that at least costs a five-spot.