Here’s 30 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes From ‘South Park’ For You Die-Hard Fans

We are a month away from the 20th season of South Park, which begins on Wednesday, September 14 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. The 20th season has a very entertaining teaser trailer.

The upcoming season has so many topics to broach, including the upcoming presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Harambe, and Brexit. Unfortunately, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have said that they shalln’t be poking fun of Pokemon Go.

Parker explained that the show will skip shitting on the hit game because they already smashed it.

Everyone’s talking about Pokémon Go, and it’s like, we did Pokémon in literally 1999 and the whole idea was that it was a bummer because kids were getting into Pokémon and there was a computer chip in there that was tracking them and sending all the information to Japan. We made fun of Pokémon Go in 1999!”

South Park slammed Pokemon way back in Season 3 with the episode titled “Chinpokomon.”

While we wait for the upcoming season here is deleted and unaired scenes from South Park from Seasons 13-18. There are some classics in there including “Fishsticks” and “Pinewood Derby” that you die-hard fans will appreciate.

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