Here’s Everything You Need To See From Donald Trump’s Memorable Interview With Jimmy Fallon Last Night

Donald Trump took a break from they typical campaign trail last night swing by 30 Rockefeller Center, New York City where he sat for an interview with Jimmy Fallon (more clips below). This was Donald Trump’s final late-night interview before the upcoming first Presidential Debate of 2016 and I think last night we got a glimpse of the Trump we should expect to see on stage squaring off against Hillary Clinton. In the clip above you can see Trump discussing the nature of his relationship with Vladimir Putin, or lack thereof, and in the clips below you’ll see a very different Trump from what you’ve seen on the campaign trail.

It’s clear that Trump has been working hard to soften his public persona, he’s become markedly less combative and more candid, and he’s even begun to take a few self-deprecating shots at himself like the one below, acknowledging that he only takes notice of the polls when he’s winning.

“If I’m losing or lagging I never mention (the polls). Only when I’m winning.”

And here’s the Donald discussing his love of fast food: