Police Dash Cam Catches Drunk-Beyond-Belief Dude Diving Into A Creek With His Face

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If you feel like you’re havin’ a hell of a time getting a rhythm going as you get grinding on another long week, just realize that it could be a lot worse. Right here we have rock, or more befittingly, creek bottom. This Lincoln County Tennessee deputy got more than he expected when he cruised down a secluded backwood country lane to happen upon two drunk ingrates parked on a bridge over a creek.

The events thereafter are pretty cut ‘n dry: one of the booze-blinded fools falls face palms the creek, and then proceeds to climb back out like a muddied tea-bag trailer basher, swamp monster for a heavily slurred ultimately unsuccessful (on his part) interrogation. The two guys had their faces blurred. Both men were arrested, and one was charged on account of driving under the influence, while the swamp fuckboi was charged with public intoxication for god know’s why..