Dude Refuses to Move His Car, Promptly Gets Savagely Beaten With Canoe Paddle

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In the old battle of fists vs. canoe paddle, I’ll take canoe paddle ten out of ten times. If I were a ninja turtle, and had the chance to choose my weapon, I’d demand canoe paddle. It’s just such a versatile and deadly weapon.

This isn’t much of a fight, as the guy who takes the walloping doesn’t seem to want to engage in the first place. Even after multiple whacks with the canoe paddle, he just stands there, obediently taking his beating.

Perhaps he’s going with the rope-a-dope strategy, hoping Big Boy will tire himself out, and then will be his time to pounce! Unfortunately for Short-Sleeve Button Down Guy, this fight is long over before he has a chance to retaliate.

I wonder if Big Boy keeps a canoe paddle in his trunk specifically for these types of confrontations, or there just happened to be a canoe paddle nearby. If it is in fact Big Boy’s canoe paddle, which he uses for his weekly canoe trips, I can’t imagine that it was worth it to destroy one of his only two paddles, when he ends up relying on his fists to finish the job anyway.

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