‘Dudes Being Dudes In Wine Country’ Is A New TV Show About — Well, Take A Damn Guess

Chances are you already know a shit ton about beer. It’s been with you since your days doing keg stands as a fraternity pledge and it’ll stick with you all through to your days doing keg stands as a senile old fart who doesn’t give a shit anymore. But how’s your wine game? If you’re stuff isn’t up to snuff or you just need to class it up, Stephen Amell and his bro Andrew Harding are co-producing a new TV series coming out this coming year that’ll likely turn you into a bunch of winos.

Called Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country, the show is pretty self explanatory: Green Arrow himself and his buddy will traverse the world’s newest wine regions to learn about the exquisite art that is wine drinking, while no doubt getting utterly obliterated on the stuff. Both are total newbies when it comes to wine, so this won’t be a show that tries to be all houtie toutie with wine tasting. There won’t be any of that “subtle hint of blah from the vineyards of blah” talk going on, either. It’s just a couple of bros drinking wine…in wine country!

The the pilot episode, titled “Paso,” will premiere in March, and here’s the trailer to give you an idea of what to expect:

This whole project got started after Amell and Harding took a road trip in 2012 from Oakland to the Bay Area to see a Blue Jay’s baseball game. On their way, though, they stopped in Paso Robles, CA for a wine tasting, and the pair ended up drinking away a full two days. From there, they founded their own winery in Walla Walla Valley, called Nocking Point Wines, but they still wanted to learn more about this nectar of the gods, which leads us back to Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country.

As Amell says, its the first show to come out of their Nocking Point Wines, and as a first effort it looks pretty ridiculous — but in a good way. There will be drones, road tripping, zip lining, and straight up wine-on-wine-on-wine binging. The fact that Amell never seems to take off his backwards baseball cap mellows things out a bit, too. Well, that and watching him flaunt his superhero-worthy abs in what we can only assume is through a wine haze.

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