A Group Of Bros In Their 40s Recreated ‘Dumb And Dumber’ On An Ice Fishing Bachelor Party

Earlier this week we received a wonderful tip to the BroBible tip line about a group of Bros in the 40s who terrorized the town of Hatfield, Wisconsin with their shenanigans during an ice fishing bachelor party. Here’s where it gets good: Throughout the course of the entire weekend, the group of middle aged Bros from Chicago more or less recreated some of the most iconic scenes from Dumb and Dumber:

My two cousins went up to Wisconsin for a weekend of ice fishing with a group of friends. They decided to paint a small town red dressed as characters from Dumb and Dumber. The costumes are unreal.

Keep in mind: These guys are in their 40s.

Lloyd Christmas before he was robbed by an old lady, Lloyd and Harry in the tuxedos with the canes, Lloyd when he went to meet Mary in the bar at 10 a.m., Seabass, Harry when he had the runs, Lloyd when he was daydreaming and ripped out the chef’s heart.

Imagine the confusion of the people in the bar when these idiots walked in.

I asked our reader, Seamus Brennan, to elaborate. He obliged. Here’s his report of what went down, along with the must-see pics:

Hatfield, Wisconsin—an unincorporated town of 141 people—didn’t know what hit them this past weekend when a crew of 40-year-old men from Chicago came for a weekend of ice fishing.

But the catch of the weekend was the outfits, inspired by Dumb and Dumber, this gang of psychopaths wore to the local tavern.

The ring leader, Bill (Lloyd Christmas in the orange tuxedo), spent months getting outfits ordered and fitted for his crew of friends. His brother, Sean (Seabass), also joined in on the fun.

“I think his level of determination rivaled that of Lloyd’s to get Mary Samsonite’s briefcase back to her,” Sean said of his brother’s passion for the project. “He would’ve fallen off a thousand jetways for it.”

Just look at these pictures.

-Lloyd Christmas when he went to meet Mary at 10 a.m. in a bar, then found out that “We landed on the moon!”
-Harry Dunn when he got his tea spiked with laxatives and exploded on a broken toilet.
-Harry and Lloyd in the tuxedos. Look closely, Lloyd’s (Bill’s) tooth is chipped.
-Lloyd when he got robbed by a little old lady on a motorized cart.
-Lloyd from his dream sequence of going out to dinner with Mary and ripping the chef’s heart out.
-Seabass telling the waitress to send the boilermakers over.

The video, which at the end shows the reenactment of the famous cane fight as Lloyd and Harry entered the Icelandic Snow Owl fundraiser, is priceless.

Imagine what the poor townies were thinking.

Are these men clinically insane or the greatest fans ever? How about both. And that’s where the true beauty lies.

They entered a bar doing the cane fight…

“Just get the bare essentials. This is the last of our dough!”




A better look at Seabass’s hat… 




“Harry? Are you in there? I hope you’re not using the toliet… It doesn’t flush.”



“I’m gonna hang by the bar. Put out the vibe.”


One Bro even had Lloyd’s chipped tooth: 

Well done, gentlemen.

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