This Dumb Photo Ended What Was A Dumb Celebrity Feud Between Dumb Taylor Swift And Diplo


Remember a while back when Diplo and Taylor Swift were in a petty little shitkicker death match over a tweet where Diplo dissed the size of T-Swift’s butt? You don’t? Well then just two quick things:

1. You lucky, lucky motherfucker
2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then why did you click this?

But both of those are beside the point, because their supposed “feud” is over. Donezo. Finito. Totes mcgotes over-o. That’s not to say that their feud was really that interesting in the first place aside from when Diplo mentioned that Swift is actually a devious little lady who only makes friends to social climb, but hey. Everything’s gotta end at some point, right?

Answer: right. And so their “feud” (a word that’s lost any meaning whatsoever) is now over, which we know because the two apparently hung out at the Grammy’s together:

FINALLY. Now we can all go back to enjoying our feud-less lives.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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