In Honor Of His 44th Birthday, 14 Times Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Made Me Want To Become A Better Man

Today, on May 2nd, 2016, one of the most beloved celebrities in the entire world, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, turns 44 years old. The former WWE Superstar has spent the past 25 years slowly becoming a legend in the world of entertainment. There is nothing this man cannot do.

By the time he was a senior in high school, he was ranked as one of the top ten best defensive tackle prospects and had his choice of where he wanted to play his collegiate career. He decided on the University of Miami where he went on to play DT and even won a National Title in 1991 before a bad knee injury kept him off the field for the rest of his NCAA career. (He was replaced by Warren Sapp.)

Johnson wanted to play football so he went to the Canadian Football League (CFL), where he struggled to make ends meet, reportedly having only $7 in his pocket when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and train to become a professional wrestler. His charisma and determination got him a chance at the Intercontinental Title belt just six months into his WWE career. It wasn’t long before The Rock became a WWE legend and then parlayed his popularity into Hollywood superstardom. He was even the highest grossing actor in 2013.

Following the success of his amazing career, he has grown a very large fan base that has remained loyal to him and he returns the favor whenever possible.

In honor of the legend’s 44th birthday, here are some of the best things The Rock has ever done for his fans and, in the process, made all of us wish we were a little more like him.

Lip Sync Battle

He gave us a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” that only goes to show just how much he loves to entertain his fans.

Selfie Fun

In London, during the premiere of his film, San Andreas, he spent three minutes snapping 105 selfies with fans to set a World Record for most selfies in that amount of time. He could have done it alone but instead, he shared the moment with all his fans that were there, standing outside the venue.


TNT’s Wake Up Call (2014)

The Rock starred in a show that’s entire purpose is to help others by picking people up from some of the darkest points in their lives and helping them get back to themselves.


Alma Mater

He loves the University of Miami and has donated over $3 million to help renovate the football facilities and to help upgrade the student union.


Loyal To His Fans and Friends

Comedian Nick Mundy attended a press junket for the premiere of The Rock’s newest film, San Andreas, thinking that he was going to film a funny bit but when he showed up, it was something he never imagined, a surprise wedding that was officiated and organized by The Rock himself.


His Sincerity is Real

During the filming of his most recent film, Baywatch, he was waiting to begin filming for the day and got word that a family with a special needs child showed up, hoping to meet him. Since the schedule would have had them wait 12 hours, The Rock asked them to stop production and he went and met with the family.


Dog Lover

During Labor Day of last year, The Rock adopted two French Bulldogs, Brutus and Hobbs. That same day he brought them home and took them outside to begin teaching them how to use the potty in the yard. When he put them down, both of them ran straight for the pool where Brutus immediately began to sink. He dropped everything, ran full sprint and dove into the pool to save them. (He didn’t even have time to empty his pockets, he just reacted and saved their lives.)


Never Forgets Where He Came From

According to The Rock, when he was just 14 years old, he witnessed his mother cry over having her car repossessed. He never forgot that moment and he honored the woman that gave birth to him by buying her a car for Christmas, which he showcased on social media for everyone to enjoy. He also bought his housekeeper, of 10 years, an SUV, for all her hard work over the years.


Tons of Love and Admiration for Veterans, Members of the Military, and Law Enforcement Officers

After his early morning workout, he was heading to his car when he meet a 73 year old veteran that was a huge fan and requested a picture. So he stopped, took the picture and got in his truck to leave. As he drove off, he realized he wanted a picture with the fan for his own personal memory and he drove back to the spot where he meet the guy again and took some more pictures while also getting a chance to speak with him and thank him for all he has done for this country.


Brakes for His Fans, Always

He was driving down the road when he saw three kids holding signs that said, “Beep” and “Happy Holidays”. So he honked and noticed in his rear view mirror that the kids knew who he was and started freaking out. On his way home, 3 hours later, he took the same route and those kids were out there again only this time they had signs begging him to stop and let them meet him. He stopped and met with the children and their parents for a little while.



He supports several foundations and charities and even has one of his own that he spends a great deal of time working on. He also won the Congressional Horizon Award in 2008 which is given to people who, “have contributed to expanding opportunities for all Americans through their own personal contributions, and who have set exceptional examples for young people through their own successes in life.”

Some of the charities he helps or runs are:

  • Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation
  • Beacon Experience
  • I Have a Dream Foundation
  • Boot Campaign
  • Kids Wish Network
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Make the Difference Network
  • Parkinson Society Maritime Region
  • Red Cross
  • Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation
  • Until There’s a Cure


Spends His Money Wisely

The Rock donated $1,500 to save a stray dog from dying of heart failure. Without getting into the details, the dog was found with various issues including a grade 5 heart murmer, six is the worst, and was in severe risk of heart failure unless he had surgery costing $5,000. The dog was nicknamed The Rock too. The story hit Twitter and Michelle Trachtenberg tagged The Rock the link for the GoFundMe account. Without a single question, he stepped in and donated the remaining amount needed for the surgery.


The Best Story You Will Ever Hear About Him

Dwayne Johnson shared the following story on his Instagram about a kid battling cancer:

“Cool story to share on Easter… After my workout I’m driving in my pick up and notice these kids in the rearview mirror screaming and running after my truck. Thought to myself, “Should I stop or keep driving?”.I stopped. I hop out of my truck and this kid runs up to me, hugs the hell outta me and says it’s been his life’s dream to meet me and tell me how much I’ve inspired him to fight cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and hardcore chemo and stem cell transplant treatments.

“He was a little teary-eyed and said for months and months all he’s wanted to do was find me and say this face-to-face. I told him what it meant to me to hear this story. I thanked him, hugged him (and his friends), took a few pics, got back in my truck and drove away.

“As I’m driving I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting between myself and this special kid Nick Miller come true. Let’s always take a moment to count our blessings… ‘cause there’s always something to be grateful for. Happy Easter y’all – DJ”

This guy is a tough act to follow, but that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t try to be more like him anyway.

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