New Photo Pretty Much Reveals What Eleven’s Fate Will Be For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

If you haven’t watched or finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix then I really don’t know why you’d be here so fuck the spoiler alert nonsense.

HOWEVER, if you don’t want to know any secrets about Stranger Things season two, then again I ask, what the fuck are you doing here?

Now then, with that out of the way, everyone who HAS watched Stranger Things wants to know one VERY important thing: IS ELEVEN ALIVE? IS SHE COMING BACK? WHAT WAS THAT SCENE AT THE END ALL ABOUT?

Unfortunately I can’t answer that last question, but thanks to a photo shared by Eleven herself, aka Millie Bobby Brown, we have a pretty good idea about the answers to the first two questions…

Brown captioned it, “Shhhhh @dkharbour don’t say a word! #s02 #strangerthings @netflix @strangerthingstv.”

Sorry, Millie, but between that photo and your recent comments to Interview magazine I think the cat might be out of the bag…

“Sunday I’m going to the White House. And I cannot wait to go back to work. It’s like I crave it, and when I get on set—it’s not just that I love what I do—I love meeting new people. The crew, it’s like being around my family, and I know them very well. It’s really nice to go to work every day. It makes so much sense to just love what you do and go to work every day to get to get to work.”

Oh thank goodness. Now I just need to know if they go back to the Upside Down. And if Will is turning into a Demogorgon. And about 30 other things…

H/T Consequence of Sound, Esquire