Elizabeth Banks Says Jennifer Lawrence Basically Has A Penis, Talks ‘Hunger Games’ Three-Ways

Elizabeth Banks has this Web series called “Ask a Badass” that she does every now and then and yesterday she had her very first female guest on the show. Naturally, it was her Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Ffunny how the timing of that worked out, but that’s okay because there’s no way you can have J-Law and Elizabeth Banks get together and have it NOT be entertaining.

The show begins with Banks asking Lawrence to rank herself as a “badass” on a scale from 1 to Elizabeth Banks to which Jennifer responds that she’s a one or a two. Banks disagreed, however, saying J-Law is an Elizabeth Banks-level badass.

Banks also tells Lawrence that she is “a guy’s girl. Like, you basically have a penis. You have a man’s career now.”

The topper though, might be when they try to figure out which other Hunger Games character Effie Trinkett (Banks) would want in a three-way with Katniss. Guess who they picked?