Ellen Photoshopped Herself Into Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie, And BOOM ROASTED

This morning, fame-craver Kim Kardashian tweeted out a nude picture of herself because she “had nothing to wear.” Or, you know, nothing better to do with her time. Doesn’t have two children that need to be watched or anything. Probably pays other people to do that so she can post nude selfies on the internet and do other #celeb shit.

Enter Ellen DeGeneres. As the resident Ellen beat writer here, I’ve long held the opinion Ellen is Bro as it gets. There’s no denying it. Just look how hot her wife is. And how fucking hilarious she is…like today when she photoshopped herself into Kim K’s attempt to break the internet again (side note: who even fixed it before?), and unleashed it on social media for all the world to like. Because it’s hilarious.

This isn’t the first time Ellen has roasted the shit out of Kim K. Her Kardashian Halloween costume was fan-fucking-tastic, too.

[via Instagram]