Kim Kardashian Tried To ‘Break The Internet’ With Another Nude Photo, Internet Somehow Survived

Yup, apparently Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet again…whatever the hell that means.

Because when you’re super famous and crave attention 24/7/365 and you’ve already whored yourself out in practically every medium possible, sometimes you just have to drop a nude selfie on the people to remind them (presumably?) why exactly you got so famous in the first place. Oh, right, it was for having a dad unquestionably loyal to O.J. Simpson when he murdered his ex-wife, and then making a porno with a subpar hip-hop artist some 15 years later…before working your way up the rap totem pole.

Classic Kardashian play with this one. Random social media pic showing some skin and hoping every person on earth RTs it. Kim was probably feeling lonely or something. Just kidding, it’s like genetically impossible for these girls to stay out of the limelight for more than a week at a time. Unreal. Probably brings on bouts of anxiety if their name isn’t in the tabloids by the time coffee is ready every morning.

At least the internet didn’t burn down like that whole Paper Mag fiasco. Couldn’t check my Twitter feed for like 4 days on end without seeing Kim’s lubed up asscheeks shining back at me. Like, at this point, people have to be so desensitized to this shit, right? I didn’t even know the broad put this picture out until like 3pm this afternoon, so shows you where my mind was. You know, thinking about and doing things that actually matter in life, not oogling over a now mother of two craving attention on Twitter by getting naked.