11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Entourage’

by 11 months ago

Warner Bros

Entourage was one of the defining shows of the mid-2000s, and while you can make the argument that it hasn’t necessarily aged that well, it’s impossible to deny it the impact that it had on the pop culture landscape. If there was a Television Hall of Fame, the show would be a first ballot inductee based on Ari Gold alone, who is the very definition of a national treasure.

You might have watched the series multiple times and had a poster of Vince and the boys hanging on the wall in your dorm room, but how much do you really know about Entourage? We dug deep to put together a list of facts about the show that you might have not come across before.

Oooh yeah. Oooh yeah. Oooh yeah.


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