Epic Senior Prank: High School Seniors Hire Mariachi Band To Follow Around Principal

by 5 years ago

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This is some great creativity on the part of the seniors at Santa Barbara High School. I applaud them for doing something that’s not only funny, but doesn’t cross the line in a way that kinda bums everyone out. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk.

I remember when I was a senior, we were sitting around brainstorming senior prank ideas, and everything we came up with was insanely out of line. A typical suggestion would be “let’s kidnap the Dean’s child for an entire day” or “let’s take shits in all the orchestra instruments.” High school kids are idiots.

But these students nailed it. Nobody is getting hurt here. This isn’t going to require some poor maintenance men to do a big cleanup. Just good ol’ fashioned torturing of the principal. And let’s be real, mariachi music really is sheer torture. Whenever I’m on the subway here in NYC, my heart sinks when I see a mariachi band come into the car. I’d actually prefer a deranged homeless guy fling shit at me than have to endure mariachi music. And a note to all Mexican restaurants – if people are using mariachi music to torment people, maybe you should take that as a hint not to hire them for your dining establishment.

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