Don’t Have 6 Months To Binge Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’? Here’s All 150,966 Deaths In One Compilation



Due to the nature of this video, there are going to be some Game of Thrones spoilers for those of you who aren’t caught up. Deaths can change the entire course of a TV series and this is particularly true with HBO’s Game of Thrones where sex and murder are so common they’re practically characters on the show. So, if you’re not caught up and don’t want to see some death spoilers you might want to head out now before it’s too late…Now, let’s revisit every single Game of Thrones death, shall we?

We are just 33 days out from the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere on HBO. If you were to start binge watching Game of Thrones right now and watched it around the clock without breaks and cut out all the opening and closing credits it would take you 59 hours (2 days 11 hours) to blow through 6 seasons.

Let’s assume you don’t have nearly 3 days to devote to binge watching Game of Thrones and can only find an hour or two each day to fit in an episode, then there are 73 episodes and you’ll have to watch over 2 per day, every day between now and the Season 7 premiere on July 16th. If you are looking to cut corners you can check out my ‘Winners and LosersGame of Thrones Recaps from the first five seasons, back when HBO still sent out screeners of the episodes ahead of time and gave editors like me ample time to prepare our reviews to coincide with the episode hitting the airwaves.

If you want to shave off even more time and get straight to the good stuff then all you need to do is devote 20 minutes to this compilation of every single Game of Thrones death. This is like cutting off all the extraneous fat from your steak and getting straight to the meat.

(h/t DailyDot)