Watch Every Single James Bond Kill Across Every Actor In The Series In This Giant Supercut

As a 20-something shithead who barely made it through the entire Star Wars saga without falling asleep, it shouldn’t be surprising that I’ve only seen the Daniel Craig installments of the James Bond movies. Don’t know Timothy Dalton, don’t know Pierce Brosnan and while I may or may not have fallen asleep to the beginning of one of the Sean Connery Bond films that doesn’t exactly qualify as having seen the whole movie.

That being said…after watching the whole 40 mintues of this supercut now I HAVE to go watch the other films. It’s just law. Like I’m pretty sure I’ll get arrested within the week if I blow off watching the whole franchise and while I’m not afraid of prison (that’s a complete lie) that’s not exactly ideal.

[Via Auralnauts]