Here’s Every Single Way That Kenny Has Died On ‘South Park’ Over The Last 16 Seasons

by 3 years ago

South Park

“Oh my God! they killed Kenny!” and they apparently killed him 90 times over 16 seasons.

That’s, like, a lot of deaths. In fact, Kenny has died an average of almost once every two episodes. I haven’t watched the show regularly in probably 13 seasons, but weren’t the vast majority of those deaths came in the first few seasons? I thought he died in every episode in the beginning, no? I can’t remember. I was too busy trying to perfect a shitty Cartman impersonation to be concerned with Kenny’s impoverished ass dying every week. I also hated that his voice was muted by his hood. Cocksucker deserved whatever came to him based solely on the hood.

Anyway, a fan of the show compiled all of the ways Kenny has been killed throughout the course of the show. Via Reddit.

[H/T Reddit]

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