Here’s Every Single Way That Kenny Has Died On ‘South Park’ Over The Last 16 Seasons

“Oh my God! they killed Kenny!” and they apparently killed him 90 times over 16 seasons.

That’s, like, a lot of deaths. In fact, Kenny has died an average of almost once every two episodes. I haven’t watched the show regularly in probably 13 seasons, but weren’t the vast majority of those deaths came in the first few seasons? I thought he died in every episode in the beginning, no? I can’t remember. I was too busy trying to perfect a shitty Cartman impersonation to be concerned with Kenny’s impoverished ass dying every week. I also hated that his voice was muted by his hood. Cocksucker deserved whatever came to him based solely on the hood.

Anyway, a fan of the show compiled all of the ways Kenny has been killed throughout the course of the show. Via Reddit.

[H/T Reddit]