The Evolution Of Batman Chronicles How The Caped Crusader Went From Awful To Awesome On The Big Screen

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The Batman character is absolutely influenced by the real world. This video chronicling the evolution of the Caped Crusader proves as much. While Batman has always been a dark, brooding figure, even the early iterations of the crime fighter were heavy on humor.

Take for example the 1943 version of Gotham’s favorite son — the ears on his cowl are comically large, his Batcave looks like an abandoned H&R Block and why are there so many chairs for guests in a SECRET hideout? The 1960s version Batman — played by Adam West — was ridiculously campy and the bad guys were hippies and comically inept, chiseled from the James Bond villain mold. (Here’s an idea Joker — instead of leaving Batman and Robin in a slow moving death contraption why not SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD?!?”)

As the world grew more cynical and sinister, so did the Batman character. The 1989 movie was a little grittier and the Christian Bale movies were sometimes over-the-top horrifying (I still can’t watch the Joker’s handy work with a pencil without cringing.)

Now days away from the latest evolution of Batman in Batman v. Superman, this video from Burger Fiction charts the progress Batman has made on the big and small screens. Long gone are his days as the mopiest accountant at H&R Block.

If you want more Batman evolution than the video provides, check out this incredibly comprehensive piece.

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