Farrah Abraham Managed To Piss Off A Whole Bunch Of People Again, This Time By Going Full Racist

It’s been what, two whole days since Farrah Abraham did something stupid? Seems about the right time for her to do it again, yes? And she did, this time using a racial slur that pissed a whole new group of people off.

As if pretty much calling her young daughter a stripper wasn’t enough this week, the famed author, sex toy entrepreneur, sex tape star (but NOT porn star) and Kim Kardashian conqueror decided to up the ante with a racial slur.

For some reason (oh yeah, she’s Farrah Abraham) she thought it would be a good idea to make a comment on a video of Blac Chyna dancing to Beyonce.

Reports Us Weekly

The Teen Mom star, 24, stirred up trouble when she not-so-discreetly commented on a short video clip of Chyna, 27, bopping along to Beyoncé’s “Sorry.”

“F–kin monkey ewe s–t come up 4 what she is a nothing,” Abraham wrote, seemingly unprompted.

Chyna’s fans immediately went into attack mode, barraging both Chyna and Abraham’s accounts with comments.

Remember, it was just two days ago when she did this and we thought she couldn’t be any more stupid…

Needless to say people were not thrilled dropping “porn star,” “racist,” and “irresponsible” bombs all over her dumb ass.

Perhaps Nicki Minaj was right when she called Farrah Abraham a “little c*nt,” huh?

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