Farrah Abraham Is Getting Ripped To Shreds For Posting This Inappropriate Instagram Photo



Farrah Abraham is not known for having tact, brains or common sense; she’s known for making a fake “leaked” sex tape and getting knocked up at 16, followed by creating her own line of sex toys. Real doozy over here. Sort of like how Lena Dunham is known for being annoying and taking her clothes off all the time, except some people actually like Dunham and she does it for “art” whereas Abraham is universally panned and does it for “$$$.”

At any rate, I’d like to say that this is a “new low” for Farrah, except it really isn’t. Making a stripper joke in the caption of a photo of your child? Par for the course, really. Only shocking thing about it is that she managed to refrain from dressing up her daughter in nipple tassels compliment the caption:

As could be predicted by anyone, the comments on her photo aren’t exactly raving about how great of a mom Farrah is:










Nor are the replies to the tweet she sent out linking to her Instagram:

And yet there was one, lone wolf who had the balls to say what everyone else was too afraid to bring up:

And WHOOP there it is.

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