Watch The Creepy First 3 Minutes Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

by 4 years ago

The first trailer for Fear The Walking Dead showed an extremely frightened young man who didn’t have time to button his shirt and is feverishly sprinting away from something horrible. We now know exactly what his hurry was.

The highly anticipated debut of FTWD is this Sunday, August 23, at 9 p.m., and to whet your appetite AMC has released the haunting first three minutes of the premiere episode.

The scene takes place in what appears to be an abandoned church turned drug den. That’s where Frank Dillane’s character Nick can be seen waking up from an apparent drug-induced haze. He is searching for his friend Gloria, when he suddenly hears screams emanating from the former place of worship. He finally appears to find Gloria, and she looks nothing like what she did last night. Talk about beer goggles. She’s now a flesh-gorging zombie, which is a damn shame because she’s pretty hot as a soulless corpse, so she must have been even sexier when she wasn’t dead. That’s when he scampers out of the dilapidated building with his pirate belly shirt and runs through the alleys of Los Angeles.

AMC has been promoting the new horror series on YouTube.

Meet the characters of Fear The Walking Dead.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman is promising “zombies unlike we’ve ever seen before.” Hopefully that means more hot zombies.

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I am very encouraged that this new show appears to set itself apart from the original series and seems like it’s not just a money grab.

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