First Trailer For Final Season Of ‘Vice Principals’ Shows That Gamby Is Armed And Dangerous

HBO released the full trailer for the final season of “Vice Principals.” If you are confused as to why this is already the final season despite only running for one season thus far, it is because the show only planned to run for two seasons. The show was originally supposed to be a movie, but it was bought by HBO. Then the creative team behind HBO’s comedy “Eastbound & Down” turned it into an 18-episode TV show. And here we are.

Season 2 will focus on who shot Gamby. Neil Gamby, Danny McBride’s character who is a vice principal, will spend Season 2 trying to locate the person who attempted to commit first-degree murder on his body. Gamby will use everything in his arsenal to find the individual who attempted to end his life. Gamby will attempt to solve his own attempted murder by utilizing a crazy wall full of newspaper clippings and strings. “When I find that son of a bitch, I’m gonna shoot him in the dick,” says Kenny Powers, err I mean Gamby. And he means it because the vice principal is armed with a gun attached to a drawer slide arm mount much like Travis Bickle’s mechanism in the movie “Taxi Driver.”

“Vice Principals” kicks off their final season on September 17.