Foo Fighters Release New Song ‘Run’ With Awesome Music Video Featuring Elderly Dave Grohl

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In a time when music videos were actually played on the television, the Foo Fighters were one of the best in the biz. Whether it was their Mentos commercial parody with “Big Me,” or Jack Black getting drunk in “Low,” or Dave Grohl playing a wide range of characters on “Learn To Fly,” or more recently the music video for “Walk” is a parody of the Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down.” Foo Fighters return to making entertaining music videos for their new song “Run.”

“Run” is the band’s first new single since 2015 and it is outstanding. The music video, which was directed by Dave Grohl himself, features the Foo Fighters performing at a senior citizen home. The entire band is aged to look like men in their 70s or 80s and Grohl looks like an aged frontman for ZZ Top with a long grey Gandalfian beard. In the video, which is a tribute to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Grohl and boys rock the nursing home so much that a bunch of grandmas and grandpas thrash in a mosh pit.

The song itself is so very Foo Fighters-esque featuring a slow buildup of soft guitars before an eruption of fury. Guitars, drums, and a shreiking Dave Grohl awaken the inner teens in these senior citizens.

On Monday, the Foo Fighters played their first major U.S. show in nearly two years at the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley. The festival has a very strict 10 p.m. curfew and the power was shutdown right in the middle of them performing “Everlong.” Instead of saying “good night,” the band continued to play despite having no power. The crowd picked up the slack and sang the chorus of the song.

Dave Graham, the CEO of the BottleRock Festival, explained that he hated to pull the plug on the Foo Fighters. “We were bummed that that had to happen,” he said in an interview on “Kevin Klein Live.” But it had to happen.”

“I was responsible for making sure that we ended at 10 and it pained me to have to do that,” Graham said. “I would have happily paid a big fine to keep them playing. It’s less about the money and it’s more about the trust within the community and the credibility that our festival has within the community.”

Let’s hope this is a sign of a new Foo Fighters album, a tour, and maybe a second season of “Sonic Highways.”


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