Hilarious Fools On ‘Family Feud’ Can’t Think Of Ways To Say ‘Mother,’ Pronounce ‘Mommy’ 80 Different Ways Instead

Something about being on live television (especially when it comes to Family Feud) tends to turn people into morons, but I’ve got a feeling in my gut these people were already the kind of folks who put bread into their toasters and then wonder where the bread goes after the toast pops out. Sure, “MOmmy” and “MomMY” are, I guess, sort of, not really, two different ways to say “Mommy”…but they’re not different words. So while she’s right in the sense that I pity her and feel bad that she couldn’t come up with “Ma” or “Mum,” I’m also torn between being looking at her as a failure of the U.S. school system and just a hilarious lil’ lady who popped up across my television screen one day. I’mma go with the hilarious lil’ lady view. That’s a much nicer approach, isn’t it?

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