Gal Gadot And Chris Hemsworth Exchanged Tweets Over Who’d Win In A Fight: Wonder Woman Or Thor?

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While being something that will probably only happen in our imaginations, how cool would it be for the DC Comics superheroes to work alongside, or even against, Marvel’s batch of comic book legends? That would be some big-time box office history when it comes to printing money.

Wonder Woman, who has been dominating both at the box office with a domestic take of over $100 million so far, as well as with critics, will sadly never get the chance to face off against the likes of Marvel’s Thor.

However, that doesn’t mean that the stars of the two franchises can’t dream like the rest of us.

On Friday, Katie Couric tweeted a video of Wonder Woman star slash badass Gal Gadot asking Thor star Chris Hemsworth who he thinks would win in a fight?

“Now they asked me who would win, Wonder Woman or Thor? And I think it’s Wonder Woman. Don’t you, Chris?” says Gadot in the video.

The next day Gadot got her answer…

“I think she’d kick Thor’s a**,” responded Hemsworth.

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