There’s One ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Who May Know How To Cure Jorah’s Greyscale And We Haven’t Seen Them In Years

As any avid, semi-avid watcher or at least somewhat-focused listener of Game of Thrones should know, Greyscale is almost completely incurable. While the disease was able to be at least halted in Princess Shireen’s case (but “halted” isn’t the same as “cured,” as she still wore the ailment on her face up until her bonfire), it’s generally accepted that Shireen was a bit of a fluke – Greyscale is fatal for the vast majority of people in Westeros. The dude is screwed — however a new theory via Reddit may have figured out a way for Jorah to cure himself, and it involves a character we haven’t seen since season two:

Quaithe. It has to be her. She didn’t just appear in Season 2 to help Jorah find Dany’s dragons. That wasn’t her only purpose in the show. No chance. Quaithe might just be the most mysterious character the show has ever introduced, and she was introduced for a reason.

We have heard from Stannis that Greyscale cure is possible, but we don’t know anything beyond that. We don’t know which Maester actually had the “Hallelujah” moment and discovered the cure, where that Maester was from, how he did it, etc. And with Stannis gone, it seems like the specific methods/Maesters used for Shireen’s treatment died with Stannis.

There is only ONE person in the entire series who has mentioned/hinted/showed they know about ANYTHING regarding the treatment/provention of Greyscale. This person isactually treating someone who is about to travel past Old Valyria where Stone Men and Greyscale thrive.

This person is speaking with Jorah during this scene.

And that person is Quaithe.(via)

Don’t remember who that is? No worries, no one does – Quaithe barely made an appearance, yet the character has stuck around as someone fans are hoping will come back, if only to prove that there is no such thing as a superfluous character in Game of Thrones.

Here’s the scene in question, where Quaithe is supposed giving someone some sort of anti-Greyscale treatment:

To me, it seems a little far-fetched that they’ll bring a character back from season two…yet this past season we saw the return of Benjen Stark, who disappeared during season one.

You never know.

[Via Reddit]