Who Were The Chillest Bros On This Week’s Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones?’


Who will win the Game of Chill Bros, Bros?

Each week, I will be breaking down who the chillest Bros were on the new season of the most assuredly not chill show Game of Thrones. Here are the rankings for Episode Two: The House of Black and White

First up, the non-chill Bros, of which, there were many.



Enough with the tough guy act, Drogon. Rawwwrrrghhh I’m the mean dragon I do what I want. 

No one gives a shit.

Also, you have a stupid name. Like if I named a person Parson. Parson the Person.

Chill Bro Points: -500

Cersei Lannister


Killing a midget is chill, I guess. We’ve all wanted to do it. Killing all the midgets, though? Not cool.

Chill Bro Points: -200

Brienne of Tarth


Let it go, honey. Just let it go.

Chill Bro Points: -100

Samwell Tarly


Dude. Shut. The Fuck. Up.

Chill Bro Points: -50

Now, on to the chill Bros.

Honorable mention to the dude from Dorne who sat in his chair the whole time. Relaxing is chill.

5. Kevan Lannister


Setting the record straight is pretty chill, especially when it needs to be set straight. Also, peacing out is so chill.

Chill Bro Points: 100

4. Bronn the Sellsword


“You want me to leave my wife to go kill a bunch of people, just so I can have an even hotter wife?”



Chill Bro Points: 200

3. Ser Barristan Selmy


Telling the truth to your Bro about her Dad is a pretty chill thing to do, tough as it is.

Chill Bro Points: 300

2. The Unsullied


Ain’t nothing phases The Unsullied. When shit gets real, The Unsullied get real chill.

Chill Bro Points: 400

1. Jaqen H’ghar a.k.a. No One


Being an assassin is chill.

Being the best assassin? Chill as fuck.

Running an assassins school for assassins?


Chill Bro Points: 10,000

Here are the standing after two episodes. Be sure to check back next week. Disagree with my rankings? Take it to the comments.

1. Jaqen H’ghar: 10,000

2. The Wall: 500

T-3. The Dude Boning Loras Tyrell: 400

T-3. The Unsullied: 400

T-5. Ser Barristan Selmy: 300

T-5. Lord Varys: 300

T-7. Bronn the Sellsword: 200

T-7. Poderick: 200

T-9. Kevan Lannister: 100

T-9. Mance Rayder: 100

T-11. Jon Snow: -50

T-11. Samwell Tarly: -50 

13. Brienne of Tarth: -100

14. Cersei Lannister: -200

15. Drogon: -500