See The Impressive CGI Work That Goes Into The Dragons On ‘Game Of Thrones’

by 4 years ago


Everyone knows the dragons are the best part of Game of Thrones. As Ser Jorah said, “They’re dragons, Khaleesi.”

He’s right. They are dragons. Except they aren’t. They are CGI creations, and really, really impressive ones at that.

Watch the tremendous amount of work that goes into making these beasts, done by PIXOMONDO, from creating individual skeletal and musculature systems for them, to perfecting their scales and the fire coming from their mouths.

Remember how you cried when Daenerys locked them up in the final episode of Season Five? All computer-generated emotion (the machines are making us feel!).

God, I hope she let’s them out to wreck shit.

[H/T Sploid]

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