‘Game Of Thrones’ Unleashes Season 7 Teaser Trailer And Release Date

How big is Game of Thrones? So friggin’ big that there was a Facebook Live video that had over 150,000 people watching a block of ice melt to find out the release date of Season 7. Not a trailer. I mean, listen, we’re talking about a release date, not a trailer, we’re talking about a release date. Not a trailer. People literally spent time watching ice melt to find out the release date. That’s how big Game of Thrones is right now.

A flamethrower allegedly went off whenever enough people typed the word “FIRE.” The ice didn’t melt as fast as one would have thought and the video cut out before the release date was shown. Once fire defeated the ice, it was revealed that Season 7 of GoT will premiere on July 16th.

There was also a teaser trailer that debuted today. The teaser trailer titled “Sigil” does not have any footage from the highly anticipated season, but it does have dialogue from major players gunning for the Iron Throne.

“There is only one war that matters. The Great War,” says John Snow. “And it is here.”

Here is the official first poster for Season 7.

Season 7 will ONLY have SEVEN episodes.

There are 129 days until Game of Thrones returns.