Just Released ‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Reveals Daenerys Wants To Lay Waste To Westeros


One of the biggest concerns with this upcoming season of Game of Thrones is that the story line hit its apex in Season Four. After the Red Wedding at the end of Season Three, then the Purple Wedding, then the battle for Castle Black, the narrative in the novels begins a long lull.

But that’s only if you forget all the shit that’s going on. There’s Dany in Slaver’s Bay, waiting with dragons to lay waste to everything to the West. Just listen to how street she sounds here. Meanwhile, Stannis Baratheon is in the north and may be amassing a new army. And what does Tyrion have planned across the Narrow Sea? Plus, Arya!

The showrunners also announced they will ditch the books this season, so they can do whatever they want. No, the season is going to rock. Just watch this trailer HBO released at the announcement of its new, streaming-only service. It’s bomb.