BEHOLD! Beautiful Gameplay Footage From What Was To Be The Xbox 360 Version Of ‘Goldeneye’

Last week, Brandon brought you the sweet mod that allows you to play your favorite late 90s N64 shoot’em-up video game Goldeneye. Now there appears to be footage of what was to be the remake of Goldeneye 007, but with better graphics and gameplay, which was to be launched on the Xbox 360.

The updated FPS remastered the original game including the same boards and levels, but was to offer a much better graphics that would run at a smooth 60 frames per second. In addition to the better visuals, the Xbox version of Goldeneye would have online multiplayer, with leaderboards, and three new stages taken from the singleplayer story. Goldeneye online mutliplayer would have changed EVERYTHING! I would have been gunning you folls down with my trusty RC-P90 in the caverns. There was even plans to lock cheaters from choosing the minuscule Oddjob to become a smaller target. The game was said to be available on Xbox Live Arcade.

We don’t know for certain that this 30 minutes of gameplay footage is actually that of an Xbox 360 version or a clever ruse. However, there was talk of the project as seen here.

From back in 2008:

The GoldenEye port has been in development at Rare for several months, and was never intended as a remake. The XBLA version would have featured the same graphics, maps and weapons from the N64 version, but with the crucial addition of online multiplayer over Xbox Live. Several characters wouldn’t make the cut due to licensing issues with certain actors.

Unfortunately, the reason GoldenEye for XBLA died came down to money. Our source close to Rare said the conversion was a mere two months from completion, but Microsoft and Nintendo couldn’t agree on the financial side of things. The point of contention, as our source puts it: would Nintendo receive a one-time fee for the rights to the game, or a continuing cut of the XBLA revenues? The latter seems to make sense for everyone, but apparently it wasn’t that easy.

Y’all are so lucky there wasn’t an online Goldeneye game because I would have sniped your face off with a US AR33 Assault Rifle and then boobytrapped your regeneration spots to kill you again. You’re so, so lucky.