George R.R. Martin Tells Conan That He Uses an Incredibly Old Computer to Write ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’

This is the word processor George R.R. Martin stares at each day when crafting his Song of Ice and Fire series.

No blinking cursor, no spell check. That is it—all that makes up Wordstar 4.0, which can only run on an ancient DOS operating system. Martin told Conan last night that his writing computer isn’t even hooked up to the Internet. (Which goes a long way toward explaining why his blog is a LiveJournal.)

Conan of course had some fun with this, asking Martin if he crafted his computer from wood. But I, for one, don’t really find Martin to be a technophobe. Who hasn’t tried to block access to the Internet when writing a paper? Or doing something else that required extreme concentration? (In college I used this thing which was great for a bit but ultimately pointless when I’d remember my phone also had access to literally everything online.)

If using Wordstar gets A Song of Ice and Fire done quicker, more fucking power to you, George.

And you’re not a young man. Why waste your remaining years staring at this asshole?


You’re the worst, Clippy.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]