Watch George R.R. Martin Talk About How Much He Loves Boobs And Say He’s Not Obsessed With Wieners

Poor George. Probably every single person who watches Game of Thrones thinks he’s obsessed with big fat floppy dicks swingin’ around everywhere, where in reality he’s just a misunderstood elderly man who wants boobs all up in his face. The most obvious question here is probably “Then WHY DON’T YOU PUT MORE BOOBS EVERYWHERE,” but I’m sure all the dicks will come into play later in the series. Maybe they’ll do a Captain Planet sort of thing and all join forces to defeat the white walkers, or maybe…nah. They’ll just be dicks.

Skip to 2:50 to get to the boobie talk, unless you like listening to the world’s most awkward and unnatural interviewer drool words everywhere.