‘Ghostbusters (2016)’ Reimagined As A Horror Film Is Perfect, And It’s The Film We All Truly Wanted

After months (years?) of riding the HYPE TRAIN Ghostbusters (2016) hits theaters this weekend and it’s expected to do huge numbers at the box office despite audiences being split on whether or not the trailers actually make the movie look funny. After seeing the cast and crew of Ghostbusters (2016) appear on every TV and radio show under the sun I’m at least going to give the movie a chance even though I don’t believe it will actually be anywhere near as special as the original film. Based on what I’ve seen in the trailers I think Ghostbusters (2016) looks hokey, and to me it seems like it panders to what the film makers think audiences want to laugh at instead of doing anything new with their source material.

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Unlike those trailers though I’m COMPLETELY IN LOVE with that trailer above, it’s the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer reimagined as if the movie was actually a horror film, and it’s haunting as hell. This would have been an AMAZING direction for the Ghostbusters franchise instead of just a reboot, and I think that the franchise should seriously consider going in this direction next time around.

Now as for the film that comes out this weekend, well, as of last weekend it appears the embargo on movie reviews of Ghostbusters (2016) lifted, because it was just recently when I first started noticing a flood of those reviews on Twitter. Of course after the initial Ghostbusters (2016) movie reviews hit people began publishing articles about how male film critics are more likely to give the film negative reviews, and how female movie critics have been giving the film much more positive reviews than their male counterparts. I really don’t give a flying can of shit snacks about the fact that Ghostbusters (2016) features an all female cast, if they’re funny then the movie will be good. Unfortunately the trailers have made it look like a modern day POS film that panders to stupid audiences who think The Big Bang Theory is funny (it’s a god awful dumpster fire of a show and there’s not a single funny joke in the series).

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