The New Trailer For The ‘Goosebumps’ Movie Features Jack Black And Is Basically Your Childhood In A Nutshell

Like every child in America, I read Goosebumps growing up. If you read that sentence and thought to yourself “I never read Goosebumps you fool” then your childhood was sorely lacking and you’re probably illiterate. Sorry not sorry. While the Goosebumps movie isn’t based directly on any one particular book and appears to instead utilize the monsters featured in many of the novels, the feel and tone of the trailer seems to fit the series perfectly – i.e. goofy mayhem.

Side note: why is every monster in pretty much every movie angry? Like do any of them have an off-switch or ever feel like just chilling out and NOT killing people? It takes a lot of effort to be pissed off and murderous 24/7 and that’s the sort of commitment I can’t imagine anyone making for any extended period of time.