Chef Gordon Ramsay Has Bigger Guns Than You — You Mad Bro?

Is it possible that a famous chef has bigger biceps than the average bro? Alright, he’s not balancing oranges on his arms but the 48-year-old is pretty ripped for a guy who spends his life in a kitchen surrounding by sick delicious but fattening foods.

So what’s the secret to Gord’s arms? Tons of training according to TMZ Sports.

The “Hell’s Kitchen” chef was out in Bev Hills on Tuesday … strollin’ around in his workout gear after a triathlon training session — flexin’ a serious pair of guns.

Turns out, 48-year-old Ramsay is a hardcore athlete … he’s completed 15 marathons, 3 ultra-marathons, 3 half-Ironmans and the actual Ironman in Hawaii.

FYI — Ramsay started running marathons in 2001 …and says his goal is to break the 3:30 mark.

In fact, Gordon clocked in a time of 3:30:14 back 2004 … but says he chocked that up to posing for pics for fans and singing autographs.

Bro is intimidating in the kitchen as it is but if he made every one of his chef coats sleeveless he’d really make Hell’s Kitchen contestants cower in fear.

[H/T: TMZ Sports]

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