Gucci Mane, The ‘East Atlanta Santa’, Crashed SantaCon In NYC And Things Got Lit!

SantaCon 2016 hosted a very special guest this year in the form of Gucci Mane, aka the ‘East Atlanta Santa’. Things got wild when Gucci crashed one of the bars, on the SantaCon pub crawl, Ainsworth Park in Gramercy, and started passing out presents to hammered bros. It didn’t stop with the presents, though, the East Atlanta Santa performed five songs for the crowd at the Ainsworth:

I don’t think I’m being overly presumptive here in assuming that there was no shot in hell Gucci Mane, aka the ‘East Atlanta Santa’, had any idea what he was in for when he crashed NYC’s SantaCon last Saturday. It probably seemed like the world’s easiest publicity stunt. Someone was like ‘Gucci! Your nickname’s the East Atlanta Santa and there’s this Santa-themed pub crawl in NYC this weekend, we should show up and have you give away presents!’ Nobody stopped to think about how over the years SantaCon has redefined the term ‘day drunk’.

I haven’t participated in SantaCon in about 4 years because I’ve always been traveling on the weekend of the event, and SURPRISE SURPRISE I was in NYC all week and flew to Florida on Saturday, the day of the event, and missed it once again. But from what I’ve gathered it’s turned into the Santa-clad equivalent of Hoboken’s St. Patty’s Day shit show of yesteryear. I’m sure it’s still an incredible day, and it’s got star power in the form of Gucci Mane, but I worry that it’s lost the charm of being a bunch of singular-minded alcoholics all trying to drink themselves into feeling the Christmas Spirit.

(h/t PageSix & XXL Mag)

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