From The Best Batmobile To The Best Villain: A Definitive Guide To Batman’s Best Of Everything

The Dark Knight is and always has been the best superhero from the DC Universe. Actually, he just might be the greatest of all-time. He has kept DC Comics alive for many years simply because of his popularity. Without Batman, DC Comics would have folded faster than the WCW ten years ago.

Sure, Wolverine and Spider-Man are pretty badass but they can’t measure up to where Batman stands on top of the superhero Universe.

He has money, power, gadgets, cars, and, best of all, he is a well-groomed, attractive billionaire bachelor that attracts only the hottest women. From supermodels to psychiatrists, Bruce Wayne is on top of every single ladies wish list.

With the fourth revival of Batman set to hit theaters on March 25th, we wanted to give all the Batman fans a chance to admire and adore the best of the best in the World of Batman. We got everything for your enjoyment,  the weapons to the babes, it is all here.

Gadget – Batarang

Movies: All of the Batman Movies

What’s Great About It? 

It defines just what Batman is, a superhero that doesn’t kill, he simply stops the villains and causes some of them to die in other ways but never by his hands. The Batarang is not lethal and he rarely uses it except for when he needs to slow someone down or send them on a different track. It is as much a part of Batman as the batmobile or the batcave.

Sidekick – Alfred

Movie: All of the Batman Movies

What’s Great About Him?

Throughout the entire history of Batman, no matter how many different versions are told on screen, the one person who will always be standing by him is Bruce Wayne’s butler and closest companion, Alfred Pennyworth. He practically helped raised him after both his parents were brutally murdered when he was just a child. The Dark Knight Rises gives us all a great depiction of how important Alfred is to Batman. Without Alfred, we might not ever have a Batman.

Bat Suit – Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

Worn By: Michael Keaton for both of Tim Burton’s Batman films

What’s Great About It? 

It’s just awesome. When they announced that Tim Burton was going to direct and Michael Keaton was going to be the next Batman, fans were confused and angry about the role going to Beetlejuice. But he earned the job and the batsuit was a big part of it thanks to its’ simplicity. It features the black and yellow Batman logo, cape, bodysuit, and cowl with the perfect size ears. There was no additional nipple slots or secondary colors, just a black suit fit for a superhero. There has not been another batsuit closer related to the comics. Never.

Non-Lethal Weapon – Sonar

Movie: The Dark Knight

What’s Great About It?

Towards the end of the film, during the final battle of wits between The Joker and Batman, Luscious Fox helped guide Batman by using one of the most sophisticated sonar systems known to man. It used everything electronic, from cell phones to traffic cams, to pinpoint a person’s location. It was another way to track down the Joker, which is exactly what it helped him accomplish.

Woman – Vicki Vale

Movie: Batman (1989)

Played By: Kim Basinger

What’s Great About Her?

Everything. Kim Basinger was the Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, Halle Berry, and Scarlett Johansson of the 80’s. Her beauty was universally known and by the time she co-starred in Batman, she had already been nominated for an Academy Award, starred in a movie with one of the hottest sex scenes in cinema history (9 1/2 Weeks), and was an international supermodel. She was the perfect blonde-hair, blue-eyed woman for the role.

Villain – The Joker

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Movie: The Dark Knight

Played By: Heath Ledger

What’s Great About His Portrayal?

It will never be easy to explain just how incredible Heath Ledger was in The Dark Knight because he died before the film hit theaters. Many think he let the role of playing The Joker get into his head causing him to go a little crazy. That’s a theory and is never been proven but if you have ever seen the movie you would agree that he was in deep. No one expected this level of commitment but the actor went as far as he could helping to turn the franchise into the biggest Batman movie franchise of all-time.


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Movie: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

Driven By: Christian Bale

What’s Great About It?

This was a very difficult choice because the original batmobile, from the 1966 movie, was more badass than it was given credit for being. Then there was the Tim Burton version which is still the sleekest of them all. But then came the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise and an introduction to the Tumbler, an armored tank designed specifically for the military. It can do everything the others could except this one was built to handle just about anything. But in the event it can’t handle something, the vehicle shoots out a bat-motorcycle that is almost just as awesome.

Batman – Michael Keaton

Movie: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

What’s Great About Him?

When it was announced that Michael Keaton was going to be Batman, fans got angry, like, really angry. It was rumored that nearly 50,000 letters complaining about his hiring were sent to Warner Bros. However, after a lot of bitching and complaining, Michael Keaton starred in the movie anyways. He brought a surprisingly deep emotional intensity that was so subtle, if you closed your eyes you would still feel his darkness. It isn’t easy being the only other Batman since Adam West, but he turned the role into his own and is now universally respected as the best.

Movie – Batman Returns

Release Date: 1992

What’s Great About It?

Since Michael Keaton is our favorite Batman, then the best Batman movie just has to be one of the two he starred in, right? Batman Returns was the peak of Tim Burton’s Batman career. It was the only time two movie villains worked into the story-line so smoothly, you never once questioned why he would use Catwoman and The Penguin in the same movie. But the Oswald Cobblepot story gave us a taste of the comics while Selina Kyle was the sexiest in leather. Other Batman movies were good but none of them were this good.