Halle Berry In A Sexy See-Through Top And Bra Won ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

halle berry bra jimmy kimmel live

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel certainly knows how to book guests when it comes to returning from vacation as Halle Berry definitely stole the show in her see-through top and bra.

Jimmy was still sporting his vacation beard which Berry complimented him on saying, “You look so good in that beard.” Which led Jimmy to return the compliment to Halle with, “I was just thinking the same thing about you and that bra. Thank you for wearing that tonight. Don’t think I don’t appreciate it, I really do.”

halle berry bra jimmy kimmel

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Eyes up, Jimmy. Eyes up. At least he didn’t look up her skirt, I guess.

And then there was some other stuff in really no consequence that happened like Halle Berry talking about being in the high school band, thinking saxophones are the sexiest instrument, and whether there is life on other planets.

I guess there were other guests too, but really, it was all about Halle’s bra. Which, as we know, she sleeps in at night to keep her girls looking good, even at age 49 damn years of age.

Here’s the saxophone video… and Halle Berry’s bra.

And here’s their discussion about alien life… and more of Halle Berry’s bra.