Hannibal Buress Sent A Lookalike To The ‘Spider-Man’ Premiere And People Totally Bought It

by 2 years ago
hannibal buress lookalike spider-man premiere

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Yesterday as I was perusing Twitter I came across a couple of odd tweets by Hannibal Buress. In them he was asking his Twitter followers if they knew of anyone who looked like him that had “solid comedic timing for an event tonight.” I really didn’t give them much thought, other than that they were curious. Little did I know what he actually had in store.

hannibal buress lookalike spider-man premiere tweets

Hannibal Buress, Twitter

What he had in store, as it turned out, was that he was looking for someone to pretend to be him at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere. Why? I actually have no idea. And really, it doesn’t matter because, lo and behold, it worked!

Not only did it work, it worked AMAZINGLY well. Not only were fans fooled, but the media was as well.

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