Looks Like We’re Going To Get To See A Whole Lot More Of Margot Robbie Playing Harley Quinn!

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn

Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad somehow raked in over $700 million dollars despite the fact that it was FREAKING HORRIBLE. Pretty amazing, right?

Well, you know why it made so much dang money? Here’s my theory: it was 95% due to the fact that Margot Robbie absolutely killed it playing Harley Quinn.

Seriously, I think people just wanted to see her in that role so bad, and she did it so damn well that Suicide Squad made buckets and buckets of money despite it being an abomination of a film.

Thankfully the folks over at Warner Bros. might have actually figured that out because Robbie just signed a deal that should allow her to star in her own stand-alone Harley Quinn flick. How awesome is that?

According to The Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. has built a relationship with the actress, who starred in Focus and The Legend of Tarzan for the studio before becoming one of the key factors behind Suicide Squad grossing more than $700 million worldwide.

The actress already has two projects set at Warners: a Suicide Squad spinoff for her character Harley Quinn (as well as other DC heroines) that she will executive produce and an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s Queen of the Air in which she is attached to star.

The first-look deal underlines Warner Bros.’ renewed focus on female-driven storytelling and comes after some notables moves from the Burbank-based studio.

How about that? First Wonder Woman was about the only interesting character in Batman V Superman and then Harley Quinn was the same for Suicide Squad. Go figure, women comic book characters can be interesting!

Now if the Harley Quinn movie were to involve some of the Birds of Prey characters, as has been rumored, Warner Bros. might actually FINALLY do a comic book movie that they can actually be proud of.

I think all of this good news calls for a Harley Quinn GIF party, don’t you?

[protected-iframe id=”a0923ff3d0afaabbb586bfcb1104f437-97886205-92827192″ info=”//giphy.com/embed/awc3XKi9Nvd1m” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

[protected-iframe id=”db251fdcc15740f8c4bbad15d858cc01-97886205-92827192″ info=”//giphy.com/embed/ujBfE6zDRAcYU” width=”480″ height=”366″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

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Hope to see you again very soon, Daddy’s Little Monster.

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