Margot Robbie Brings The Sexy And The Crazy In New Harley Quinn-Centric ‘Suicide Squad’ Promo

The ‘Suicide Squad‘ folks have really been ramping up the promotional machine as we draw closer to its August 5th release date.

The other day we shared 11 brief, yet wacky videos that gave a little background on each of the major players in the film and now we’ve got even more cool stuff to watch.

In their latest marketing effort Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn takes center stage showing off her serious fighting skills as well as some impressive athleticism.

The ultimate sexy part takes place when Margot, uh, I mean Harley says, “I’m bored, play with me.” Now who could ever turn a request like that down?

They also previously released similar videos featuring Will Smith as Deadshot and Viola Davis as the boss Amanda Waller that are also definitely worth a watch.

Warner Brothers wasn’t done there though, they also just dropped a couple of new TV spots and clip of Cara Delevingne transforming into the Enchantress…

Man, this movie better be as good as I am hoping it will be or it’ll be such a letdown.

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