It Looks Like Harley Quinn’s Pants Were Photoshopped To Cover More Of Her Butt In ‘Suicide Squad,’ What Do You Think?

Suicide Squad may have its hands full with all the awful reviews it’s been receiving, but because life likes to kick you in the nuts while you’re already down there’s a new controversy getting stirred in with the film: Harley Quinn’s pants.

First noticed by Bleeding Cool, the original trailer for the film shows Harley Quinn walking through a group of dudes wearing a fairly revealing pair of sparkly panties. If you compare it to the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con, however, you’ll find that Quinn’s pants now cover up more of her ass than they did before (note that they are out of order in the video):

With all the things that went wrong with Suicide Squad, you’d think the least of their problems would be the length of Margot Robbie’s pants, yet here we are.

At any rate, whatever amount of the budget was allocated towards “Digital Pants Alterations” was clearly wasted. Not only is it stupid (as if ANYONE’S main problem with Harley Quinn has been how short her pants are as opposed to, y’know, getting strangled and punched in the face), but think of what that money could’ve been put towards instead, say…a better script?

As for whether or not Robbie was aware of the edit, in an interview with Australia’s Nova969 she said “I didn’t know about that. Having been there on the day, they were very small – but wow, I wonder if they did? That would be extensive Photoshopping to do.”

Indeed – it would be:

[H/T Bleeding Cool]