See How Much You Remember About “Hey Arnold!” With This Quiz


Nostalgia is a disease that makes people view the past through rose-colored glasses, and virtually every single person to grow up in the 1990s is infected. As a result, we tend to view most things from the decade in a favorable light, even when they might be objectively bad.

If you went back and watched some of the things you enjoyed as a kid, there’s a good chance you’d probably judge yourself for liking them so much in the first place. However, “Hey Arnold!” is a major exception to that rule. It’s one of the few cartoons that actually stands the test of time, and to celebrate its legacy, we put together a quiz to test just how much you remember.

[protected-iframe id=”ece055746267be8c6368d9c34c6d1878-97886205-55047561″ info=”” height=”491″ class=”apester-media”]

If you’re tempted to cheat, just remember what happened to the kid at the spelling bee.

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